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TOM TOM - Cardio Multi-Sport Gps Sport Watch Black-Red


Item no. 00683664
Model 1RH0.001.01
  • 10 hours battery (GPS mode)
  • 2 year warranty
  • One button control
  • Graphical training partner
  • Weatherproof
  • Tracks pace speed distance & duration
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    • Heart rate monitor
      Heart rate monitoring is the single most accurate means to understand how your body is responding to exercise.
    • Heart rate zone
      Select a zone to match your training goal and always whether you need to speed up or slow down.
    • Running information
      See real-time running, cycling, and swimming information at a glance. Track your distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt as you train on an extra-large display.
    • Innovative technology
      Get accurate hearth rate information without the need for a separate chest strap. Your heart rate is measured through a sensor in the watch that monitors changes in the blood flow in your wrist. This is done by shining light through the skin and detecting the changing light reflections.
    • Five intensity zones
      Train in one of five intensity zones, depending on your goal.
    • Multi-platform compatibility
      Track, analyze and share your stats on popular running sites or apps.