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Valid until  31/01/2020
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Item no. 00803557
  • UHD 
  • Android system 
  • OLED 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Voice interaction 
  • WIFI built in 
  • DVB-T2 
  • HDMI input x 3 
  • USB x 2
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Please Note:
1. A valid TV licence will be required in order to complete your purchase of this product.
2. You will also be required to email / fax us an electronic copy of the TV licence holder's SA ID Book before we can dispatch your order.
3. Unfortunately we are not able to process purchases using Business TV licences.
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Skyworth 55inch UHD Android OLED TV

MasterMind chipset

Skyworth commits to creating OLED TV’s that offer true integration of the latest technologies and in so doing, delivering the best possible performance. Skyworth’s MasterMind Chipset has been designed to control and coordinate all top-tier hardware and software of smart platforms and visual and audio technologies in order to achieve their maximum potential.

Artificial intelligence · ecosystem

A key part of the MasterMind Chipset functionality is to drive all engines to their maximum potential, including the integration of ecosystems. Skyworth’s AI TV has successfully integrated two major global ecosystems, Google’s Android Operating System and Amazon’s Alexa. With a more intelligent and sophisticated AI voice command, our AI TV’s will be able to support more than 10 rounds of conversation and easily become the centers of your smart home.

Aesthetic image · picture

Exploiting the advantages of an OLED panel, the MasterMind Chipset is capable of fine-tuning pictures in minute detail, and even down to pixel-by-pixel levels. Pixel-level AI tuning presents incredibly dynamic contrast, clarity and vivid color to achieve the best possible picture quality.

Acoustic instrument · audio

Excellent picture quality must be accompanied by equally impressive audio performance. The MasterMind Chipset integrates several top-class audio technologies with dedicated speaker units to deliver the high fidelity audio quality. High Resolution Dynamic Bass and 360° immersive effect realize a cinematic experience at home.

Pixel dimming

Each pixel of the self-emitted OLED can be operated completely independently. MasterMind Chipset precisely controls the brightness of each pixel, thus bringing extreme contrast and incredible details to every picture.

Chameleon extreme

Chameleon Extreme is Skyworth’s proprietary picture engine for dedicated picture enhancement. It makes use of AI technology to detect, recognize and reconstruct individual images to reproduce the best possible picture quality.

Pixel-level AI tuning

Pixel-level AI Tuning presents incredible dynamic contrast and clarity. Intelligent AI Calibration results in a more vivid and rich image quality.

Unlimited contrast

Without the need of a backlight, each pixel of an OLED panel is self-emitted. The pixels can be turned on and off individually to achieve absolute black and white.

Black and white

AI Dynamic Contrast further enhances the gradation between the two extremes of black and white. As grey tones are greatly differentiated, even the slightest differences between black and white shades can be achieved.

Super high definition

Using an AI algorithm, Chameleon Extreme is able to analyse the minute characteristics of a picture’s components, and then repair the contours and lines of details to achieve significantly improved picture clarity.

Crystal clear motion

A 4K 120Hz refresh rate combined with the fast response of an OLED panel, Chameleon Extreme achieves up to 1ms response rates to achieve a full range of anti-motion blur effects. The technology analyses two adjacent frames based on AI algorithm, and generates a new frame in between which effectively solves the image blur, ribbon noise and jagged line problems.

Trochilus extreme

Trochinus extreme is the picture quality improvement technology, which offers better color depth, wider dynamic range and stronger color expression to produce more colorful and vivid images.

True color restoration

Chameleon Extreme analyses image details based on an AI algorithm and adjusts color performance in real time, ensuring each pixel produces the most realistic color.

AI skin color adjustment

Chameleon Extreme can recognize the skin color of different races based on AI algorithm, and integrate large data to calibrate the skin color separately to make the color restoration more accurate. It also allows you to fine-tune the skin color according to your preferences.

Wide viewing angle

Each pixel of the Skyworth OLED TV emits light in full angle, meaning it can present the brightness and color of the picture evenly. Any angle offers a good viewing angle, which makes everyone a VIP.

Eye protection

Blue-light hazard may cause retinal injury, myopia, cataract and other eye diseases. The materials used in Skyworth high-end TV’s can minimize the harmful effects caused by blue-light hazards and therefore protect your eyes.

Multi-round intelligent conversation

With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the TV supports more than 10 rounds of intelligent conversation.

Intelligent search

Skyworth’s Voice Search Functionality allows you to search for whatever movie, music, game, or piece of information using only your voice. It has a wide range of languages to choose from and can also to be set to identify certain accents.

Intelligent control

Voice on your new Skyworth AI TV becomes a commanding method for saving the steps of TV operations, like turning up/down the volume. Free your hands, your TV is on your service now.

Intelligent assistant

Skyworth’s AI TV is smarter than smart. For example, you could check sport fixtures, add to your schedule and your TV will remind you when the game begins. Skyworth’s AI TV will surprise you with its intelligent capabilities.

Home control

With new generation IOT (Internet of Things) technology, your SkyworthTV can become the centre of your smart home. Allowing you to control your smart household appliances using only your voice.

Customized command

Skyworth’s AI TV supports customized commands meaning a single word or phrase can trigger a multitude of actions. For example, “Good Morning” could turn the news onto the TV, open the curtains and turn on the coffee machine.

AI recommendation | customized UI

According to user habits and based on AI algorithm, Skyworth AI TV’s automatically filter and match content felt to best suit your preferences before further recommending alternative options.

High definition games

Immerse yourself in a world of gaming, supported by top specifications, latest features and high definition games. Spend your leisure time on the powerful Skyworth AI TV.

Massive apps in Google play store

With the Google Play Store at your disposal, you can find as many apps as your heart desires. Be it local apps or global apps, you can enjoy endless entertainment.

Chromecast built-in

Simply connect your smart device to your Skyworth TV to cast programs, photos and music, or even create play lists. Share your holiday photos with family from your mobile phone to your TV.

Coocaa Lite OS 1.5

Coocaa Lite OS is Skyworth's proprietary and super user-friendly SMART TV system

Far field voice

Far Field Voice detection allows you to speak to your TV from a distance. “Alexa, please find me a cake recipe” you could shout from the kitchen.

Trens AI

With Coocaa Lite OS, the TV supports standby mode, meaning you can still control your home and smart devices as well as talk to your TV without necessarily turning it on.

“Alexa, add birthday cake to my shopping list”

“I’ve added birthday cake to your shopping list”

360° immersive sound

Advanced sound technology combined with a high-end magnetic loudspeaker, makes for a 360° immersive sound experience.

Intelligent volume control

Skyworth’s AI TV can automatically control volume levels to achieve real-time optimization. Reducing sound volumes during commercials and increasing volumes for dramatic effect in action movie scenes.

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