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Terms and conditions – Nespresso 2019 Mid-Year promotion


  1. The coffee voucher applies only to machine(s) purchased from Nespresso® trade partners in South Africa from 29 April to 17 June 2019 ( inclusive) as reflected on your original proof of purchase in the form of a till slip or similar docket issued by the retailer (copies of debit card or credit card receipts will not be accepted) .
  2. The coffee voucher is redeemable only through the Nespresso® club on 0800 63 7773 or through the Nespresso® boutiques and booths.
  3. This coffee voucher is not valid for wholesale, professional and business partners within the B2B and Horecamarkets, or for the purchase of machines for resale.
  4. The coffee voucher is redeemable in South Africa only.
  5. The coffee voucher values are inclusive of VAT.
  6. This voucher may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion/offer/discount.
  7. The whole value of the coffee voucher must be redeemed on one occasion. No part of the coffee voucher value can be redeemed as cash or converted to a credit on account for future use or exchanged for another product.
  8. The coffee voucher is redeemable only until 31 July 2019 ( inclusive) .
  9. The coffee voucher is redeemed only upon registration of the machine to which it applies, completion of the registration details required in this voucher and subject to the purchase of the minimum required coffee.
  10. Nespresso® is not responsible for the loss/damage/expiry of this voucher.
  11. Incomplete coffee voucher details will not be validated and will disqualify participation in this offer.
  12. The coffee voucher will not be validated without a valid original proof of purchase showing the machine model, machine serial number, date of purchase and the name of the retailer.
  13. The coffee voucher may only be redeemed once against each individual machine purchased.
  14. This offer is limited to a maximum of five (5) machines per customer.